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2 Amigos is a story of two families and their friendship.

We are 2 citizens of the World with different origins and cultures-Australia/New Zealand and USA-Galicia- Despite our work and lives were on other ends of the world – we have kept very close family ties helping each other whenever we could or needed even when thousands of kilometers apart.

30 years of friendship made this project possible. During all this time we have shared all type of personal and professional experiences, projects, successes as well as failures that have left their mark. However, all of this has made us, and our friendship, what it is today.

Above all we share the same traditional values of work ethic, sacrifice, discipline, family…….that we have always applied and continue to apply to all we do, all the while assuming risks as something normal and natural.

It is for this reason that we wanted to embark on this project together taking advantage of our way of seeing and enjoying life and for the love we share for the world of wine that we decided to create our own wine.

We wanted our wine to stand out for its great quality and naturalness. We have taken advantage of the land that has been in our family for 300 years, being very conscious of the gift nature has provided us, the location of our vines, which together with the knowledge and experienced handed down generation to generation of wine makers has truly made this wine a treasure.

This is how both our families embarked on this adventure, together as always, proud and full of hope, but also conscious that we will face many difficulties along the way which we know we will overcome knowing ourselves to be the owners of one of the greatest of treasures, the story of a 30 year friendship crystallized in our wine, 2-AMIGOS!