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The family property with a tradition expending 300 years is where we cultivate our wine. It is located in the City Council of Tomiño in the Province of Pontevedra, Galicia (Spain). Galicia being the «Celtic» Region of Spain.

It is framed in a wide valley whereby the Miño River quietly flows towards the Atlantic Ocean 20 kms. downstream between the mountain Ranges of the Argallo and Galiñeiro on the Galician side and the portuguese border on the other. Is the largest municipality of the region and presents a very clear natural boundaries, bordering to the north with the Val Miñor (Gondomar and Baiona, beautiful seaside areas) and the city of Tui, the stunning Miño river and Portugal in the east and Oia and El Rosal councils in the southwest.

It is framed by the wide valley whereby flows the river Miño, which runs quietly in his last tract close to the mouth, and the mountain range of Argallo and the massif of Galiñeiro. It is a landscape of soft shapes, with higher areas that provide beautiful views of the whole valley and with beautiful natural staggered terraces along the river. This whole area is integrated in the Red Natura 2000 because of its biodiversity.

It is a privileged location. A strategic position that gives it some unique characteristics, within the scope of the Rías Baixas, with a unique microclimate in Galicia which makes it a fertile area that favors the cultivation of a large expanse of vine. This weather features quite high temperatures for its latitude reduced by winds coming from the coast to prevent excessive oscillations.

The whole area has a great wine making tradition and its family orientated and affable, treasured this knowledge acquired and transmitted over many generations.

This land is a real and present treasure, from which comes this authentic liquid gold that is our Albariño, 2 Amigos.

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